Piper Leigh

Piper Leigh

Monday, May 11, 2009

A new week!

David and I left early Saturday to go stay with Mom for Mother's Day.

Saturday night Mom, Harry, David and I went to Thomaston to eat dinner. After dinner, we all went to a play. The play was awesome and out doors.

Here's a picture of me and David at the play:

Sunday morning, we all got up and went to the Delmar in Thomasville for breakfast. They were out of bacon and grits. They also only had 6 biscuits left. Only in Thomasville. The Delmar also had something new that I had never seen before:

Instead of having regular little packets of jelly, they put the jelly in these cups. It was strange to me.

After breakfast with Mom, we went and had lunch with Dad and Tami at the Grill.

Yes, we managed to eat at the Grill and the Delmar all in one day. Amazing huh.

Then, we went to visit Grannie at the nursing home. She was doing great!

Next we went to Grannie's house and dug up plants. This got me in trouble with David. Appearently, I dug up too many.

We drove home and started to plant everything! It was dark and we were still planting things.

I'm not quite sure the plants will make it, but we shall see. My flower bed looks kind of like I planted corn. I think my neighbors were outside making fun of us tonight!

I hope everything lives!

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