Piper Leigh

Piper Leigh

Saturday, February 28, 2009


So it rained all day yesterday. Let me correct that, it poured! When David and I got home there was the Pampered Chef stuff that everyone ordered at my party. Sitting in the rain soaking wet all day.

David got the boxes in the house for me and I unpacked everything. It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Wayde, Daniela, and Heidi showed up about 10:00. We hung out for a while, then I walked in my bedroom and found Heidi in the bed!

Spunky was perched in his usual spot!

Daniela and I went to All Fired Up! today. I'm always looking for a reason to go, but I forgot my camera, so no pictures today.

When we got back, David and Wayde had to go by a gun safe. Yes, David bought a gun. Without my permission, but now we have it. I made him get a gun safe. It is pretty. Here's a pic.

I cooked Rotel or Seven Can Soup for dinner tonight. It was yummy. David and Wayde left and went to Winn Dixie to get Daniela some medicine. Daniela and I told them to bring us back a prize. This is what they came back with:

So, the news keep telling us that it is going to snow tonight. I'm not to sure about that, but we will see!

Monday, February 23, 2009

It has started all over again...oh no, it's Monday!

It was a great weekend. I had a Pampered Chef party on Friday night, so David slipped out of the house and went to stay with Joey in Grove Hill. Tara and Kristi came to spend the weekend with me so that they could attend my Pampered Chef Party.

The Pampered Chef party was lots of fun. I actually had a lot of people show up! I was pleasantly surprised. (Thanks to all who came! And those who just ordered!) You helped David and I stock our kitchen with super stuff, and my sister says that I really need a lot of stuff in my kitchen. After the party, Lori, Angela, Kelly, Amanda, Tara, Kristi and I all went to to Jalapeno's to eat dinner. It was fun hanging out with the "girls".

After dinner we came home and went to bed. I was pooped! David did call me Friday night to let me know that he made it to Grove Hill. He is learning.

Saturday morning, we got up and laid around most of the morning. Then we went to find to see if we could find Kristi a pair of new tennis shoes. She could not find any, but I managed to find a pair of Ryka's and David some new T-Shirts. I don't know how I ended up being the only one to spend money.

We then went to my new favorite place. All Fired Up! We all made bowls. Tara and Kristi both made bowls for their moms for mother's day. Sorry Mom, I was selfish and made a bowl for myself.

Then we went to dinner, and came home! Meantime, David and Joey apparently snuck off to Mobile to go to Mardi Gras. He is in trouble.

He is even more in trouble because he did not show up at home until 9:30 last night. He got a stern talking too. I just don't like him driving those back roads at night by himself. I know he is an adult, but I still don't like it.

So, anyway our week has started over again and it is Monday! Yuck! Well it went okay, but why couldn't it be Friday?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Book Report

I just finished a book, and it is time to present my book report. Well, not really but I wanted to share with everyone about this book. I just read "Loving Natalee" by Beth Holloway. Everyone should read this book, especially if you are ever thinking about traveling out of the country. It is amazing what Beth Holloway has had to endure while searching for her daughter.

It was really hard to read this book because you want it to end with her finding her daughter. Then, you remember that it is a true story and you already know the ending. They still have not found her.

I recommend that everyone read it!

Crazy Daisy!

My Dog is so silly.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Catch up!

Wow! So, I am behind on posting and now I am having to play catch up, so here are a few posts in one!

Happy Valentines Day!

So, on Saturday I hoped out of bed early and headed straight to the WW. (It did not go well. I need new motivation badly.) Then, I went straight to Wal-Mart. Yes, I have said many times that I don't "do" Wal-Mart. I think this last trip was enough to keep me out. I HATE Wal-Mart. I went in hopes that I would save money, which I did, but it was not worth it. Anyway, I went to to pick up stuff to cook a wonderful dinner for David.

I made a salad, cooked potatoes and rolls, and David grilled steaks and some veggies on the grill. I also made a diet coke cake. (Chocolate cake mix, add diet coke and cook. I don't know how it works, but it does. Top it with fat free whip cream and you have a yummy low point desert!) I even got out our wedding china for us to eat off of. I start to eat, but begin to feel nausious. I tell David. He says "Yeah, me too. But I didn't want to hurt your feelings." Neither of us could eat. I packed up the dinner and put it in the fridge. We sat down watched T.V. for the rest of the night. We found a new T.V show called Speeders Fight Back on the TruTV channell. It is the funniest show.

So, Valentines was a bust, but David did get me the seventh and eighth season of Charmed, my favorite TV show. I now own all the seasons!

My Poor Flower Beds!

While Christy was here last month, she told me that my flower beds look bad. I need to work on them. So, Sunday afternoon I went and bought a shovel and a hoe, and got to work. David was not to happy because he knew I was about to make a mess, and he was right. I pulled everything up, including two shrubs that got in the way! My poor flower beds are so bare, but they do look better. I need to get some flowers soon.

Monday and Tuesday!

Monday and Tuesday have flown by without any big events. We've gone to work and came home. I need to clean, but other than that, not much is going on!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I must be getting old...

I must be getting old. I went to bed last night at 7 o'clock and did not get up until 7 o'clock this morning. I don't even remember David coming to bed. I'm just going to blame me going to bed so early on me being sick still.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I tried..

I got up this morning and went to work. I made it through lunch time before I became nauseous. Lori sent me home. I came home and was sick for a little while then took a nap. David and I sleep until four. I'm feeling better now. I hope I can make it all day tomorrow. I have missed way to much work. David has a dentist appointment at 8 in the morning which means I will get to work early. Maybe I can get some work in before the phone starts to ring.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Still Under Quarantine

Today is day two for us under Quarantine. I got up around 8 this morning and cleaned. I know that I am supposed to be resting, but since we are sick, I just needed to clean the house. David thought I was crazy, and he is probably right. I get to go back to work tomorrow. I can't wait. David has to stay out one more day. He wants to go back to work as well.

Monday, February 9, 2009


So, yesterday David was not feeling good. I've had a cold since last week that has not gone away. See he was sick.

David continued to get worse through the night. I decided that he needed to go to the doctor first thing this morning, and while we were there that I would see the doctor as well.

We went to "Emergi Care" or the doc-in-the box as Christy calls it.

Dr. Bobo came in and told us that I had Strepp and David has Strepp and the flu. We each had to get two shots in the rear. He put us both on medicine for Streep and Flu. He says eventhough I've had the Flu Shot (Thank you SNIC) that I will still probably end up with it. After we left, we headed to Target to get perscriptions.

It cost us $173 dollars for all of our prescriptions. Is that not crazy!

Anyway we are at home now. Me until Wednesday and David until Thursday. We are watching Unsolved Mysteries and just chilling out in the bed.

Hopefully we won't be sick to much longer.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

This Weekend.

So, Friday night David and I went to Wings for Dinner. We went to eat with Crystal and her friends since it was her birthday.

Yep, that's Crystal. February 3rd was her 25th birthday. So, on Friday, we met her and a lot of her friends at Wings for dinner.

On Saturday morning, I went to Weight Watchers, WW or dub-dub as I call it. Here is a picture of where I go for my dub-dub meetings.

I was down .8 pounds, but I'm still up right now. Hopefully, I can keep pulling the weight off. At the meeting they talked about these bagels called The Alternative Bagels. They only one point. So of course, I had to stop and pick some up on the way home. They are yummie.

When I got back from the dub-dub, David and I headed to Thomasville. I wanted to go check on Dad since he had surgery on Thursday. Joey meet us at Dad's house and Tami had lunch waiting. It was yummie as well.

Then we went to Mom and Harry's to hang out for a while.

After we left mom's we headed back to Dad's to say good-bye and got on the road headed home.

David and I woke up this morning both feeling lazy. I haven't gotten anything accomplished today. I need to clean and wash clothes, but I think I'm about to watch Fireproof with David.

Pictures from last weekend!