Piper Leigh

Piper Leigh

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

It has been a while since we have done a post. It is always so busy over Christmas! David and I went to Elberta last weekend to see his family. Sunday was his Mom's birthday, so we decided to to our Christmas with them over her birthday. It was lots of fun!

David and I had a busy week at work. We both had to work on Christmas Eve which is never fun, but we survived. We cleaned our house last night and sat around watching Boston Legal all night.

This morning we got up and I made Cinnamon Rolls then we opened our presents from Santa. Santa got David a drill, and he is over the moon. I had to take the drill away because I think he was about to start putting holes in my walls!

We then went to Thomasville to see my mom for Christmas. She and Harry had a big lunch prepared and Terri and Tess came to join us for lunch. It was yummy! Mom made "Seven Layer Salad". I also went to the nursing home to visit my Grannie. I took her some "Ribbon Salad" and she loved it.

So, now David and I are back at home. He is drilling holes in the wall to hang the vacuum that Mom and Harry gave us for Christmas. He is so excited to be using the Drill.

David and I didn't take any pictures over the holidays. So, here are a few that we have not shared with you yet.

Hope you all have had a very Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2008


So, last night Spunky kept getting under the tree and laying down. I thought this was cute, so I kept grabbing the camera to take picture. Every time I grabbed the camera the cat got up and walked away. I was really getting mad because these were the only pictures that I could take of the cat under the tree.

Finally, I leave the room and David is able to snap the pictures below. Of course, his cat loves him.

That cat is a brat!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I love Christmas!

David and I have had a great weekend although it has been really busy. I got up Saturday morning and met Lori at the WW (down point 6). Then, Lori and I headed to the mall to go shopping. David stayed a home to clean the house. Yes, I know he is a great husband! I actually finished getting all our Christmas. It feels great to have that done.

When, I came home my Dad and his new girlfriend, Tami, showed up. They took us to Kozy's to eat dinner. It was great. Dad also brought me a new Christmas Tree when he came up. So, of course we had to go to Target after dinner to get more ornaments. I have tried hard but did not have enough ornaments for two trees. Now, I think I have enough ornaments for three trees.

Here is a picture of the new tree. Isn't it fun!

Then today, I decided that we needed to rake the yard. David, of course, thought I was crazy, and he is right. There are so many leaves in our yard that I quickly figured out why I hate to rake. Here are a few pictures from before I decided that I was done, and would not be raking the yard again.

So, now it is time for me to finish my Christmas cards. They really need to be in the mail in the morning, but I am pretty sure that won't be happening.

Tonight we are having "Upside Down Pizza" thanks to my Mom!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tornado Sirens

So, apparently last night's weather got a little rough. David and I were woken up twice last night by the tornado sirens. It is the worst noise to wake up to because it scares me, and David wakes up thinking that he is on a military base again. Anyway, they went off at one in the morning. I turned the TV on to ABC, and James Spann still had on his suspenders. Usually this means that the weather has not gotten bad yet. (The suspenders come off when it is bad. Don't ask me, this is what I have always heard, and it seems to be true.) So, David and I went back to sleep. At 1:40 the sirens went off again. James Spann again still had on his suspenders, so back to sleep we went. Luckly, the weather was not to bad and there were not any tornadoes in our area.

However, poor Daisy was so scared of the weather and the sirens that she had to get in bed with us. David was a little miffed by this because "the dog does not belong in the bed." I had to explain to him that this was the only way I was going to get any sleep because she will just keep poking my side of the bed with her nose. (She doesn't do this to David. She knows that I am her human.) So, Daisy cuddled up with us, and we finally got some sleep. Morning came way to early.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Busy Weekend...

So, this weekend was really busy. I had to clean the house on Friday night for company coming in on Saturday. Tara and Kristi came and stayed with me. We shopped till we dropped and David went to stay with Joey (his BFF). Daisy had lots of fun because Tara and Kristi also brought their dogs Foxy and Gracie. When they left on Sunday, I went to my bedroom and found Daisy and Spunky both asleep in the bed! They were pooped. It was a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's a sad day...

Today is a sad day. There is not much else to say about Tommy Tuberville leaving Auburn. I hate to see him leave because I believe he was a great coach. Hopefully Auburn will bounce back soon!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Back to work...

David and I had a great Thanksgiving. We went to Elberta and stayed with David's family. On Thanksgiving Day, we went to Pensacola. David's sister, Christy, had the big Thanksgiving dinner at her house. It was a lot of fun and it was good to get a chance to see everyone. There are some pictures below from Thanksgiving Day.

On Friday, we traveled north to Thomasville. We stayed with Mom, Harry, and Tess. Poor Harry had to work the whole weekend, but he did get to watch the big game with us. It was to good of a game. I think Harry and Tess were the only ones happy about the turn out. Oh well, maybe next year.......

Monday came and it was time to go back to work. Mondays are never fun especially when they fall on the first day of the month. At work commissions did not work right because our system was trying to pay our agents twice. Then, the phones were down all day. It was a rough day, but Lori and I made it through it.

Enjoy the pictures below.