Piper Leigh

Piper Leigh

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring is here!

Sorry that David and I have been a little MIA lately. Things have been super busy. Hi Dad!

For the past few weeks David and I have been painting our bedroom. It has been a real chore!

So, this is what our bedroom looked like before we started painting. It was just a little plain. David and I picked out a color called Mocha Syrup to paint our bedroom and closet. Yes, I decided we needed to paint the closet along with the ceilings. Poor David! He really does love me!

This is what our bedroom looks like now. We will be going to Thomasville this weekend to pick up some furniture that Dad is giving us. I think it will look awesome in the bedroom.

I ended up with more paint on me than the walls I believe.

While we were painting, we had to move our furniture out of our room. Everything has been upside down lately and it really stressed me out. However, Spunky loved having the bed in the hallway.

So, in the middle of the painting was Dad's wedding. It was beautiful. David and I had a lot of fun in Thomasville. For some reason I did not take any pictures. I'm not sure why.

I know that Dad and Tami are happy to be married and I know have two new brothers Todd and Tyler.

So, in the middle of painting and wedding spring decided to show up. Dad told us we could get a lawn mower for Christmas from him, but we never went to buy it. I've been looking at the yard for the past few days thinking, we really need a lawnmower. Tuesday was the straw that broke the camel's back. When we checked our mail there was a business card for someone who cuts grass! I wanted to die! So, Friday when we got off of work we went and bought a lawnmower. David was so happy.

This is what our yard looked like. Yes, I am embarrassed, but please remember that we have not even had time to blog!

Here is the new lawnmower. David loves it.

David worked on cutting the grass while I cooked dinner. I heard the lawn mower stop and popped my head out. David had already ran over a rock. It got caught in the blades. This is our luck!

Here is the rock after David got it out of the lawnmower. Our grass was so tall, he could not see it!

So, after dinner we watched Twilight. I was so tired that I fell asleep!

Saturday, I got up and cleaned house. Then David and I went shopping and had dinner at the Outback.

This morning I got up and had to meet Tara, Kristi and Dot in Birmingham. These are some of my sorority sisters that I just love. We meet at the Cheesecake Factory and had lunch. (yummy) We shopped a bit and I came back home. Yes, I did bring David some cheesecake.

When I got home, David and I worked on the yard some more.

Now, I need to fix us some dinner and go tape the master bathroom, so that we can start painting it!

Here are some pictures of the animals.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where is that cat?

Tonight when David and I got home, we heard loud, sad meows. David kept saying where is the cat.

I dunno. I can't see thru walls....

He goes looking, and some how, that silly cat had locked himself in the guest bed room closet..

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My puppy is so sweet when she is sleeping. David doesn't think so...He says Daisy snores like not one but two old people. She keeps him up half the night.

This is my Daddy. He is awsome!

This is our friend Joey. He was modeling his sweat pants and blazer. Stylin!

Daisy loves her Uncle Joey!

Mom this picture is for you. David was speeding! He tried to cover the speedometer with his hand when I told him I was going to take a picture to taddle.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Silly Cat

David's cat likes to curl up around his neck. He is always climbing up there no matter what David is doing. That cat is just silly.

Here are some more pictures left over from this past weekend!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You Know you Go to UWA When...

I received this e-mail on my facebook. I thought I needed to share it with everyone because this is so Livingston!


1. China and Mexico are no longer countries but restaurants

2. Before coming to UWA you loved Sonic, Hardees and Burger King and now when you go home you refuse to eat there because you’re sick of them

3. If you get hurt at school you refuse to go to the local hospital for fear of getting hurt worse

4. You Go to D-Mop or Meridian at least twice a week

5. When you tell someone that you go to the University of West Alabama they look at you funny until you say Livingston and then they know

6. Half of your friends are from Sumter, Choctaw or Marengo county

7. 1 in 4 people you know went to a private school

8. You fear for your life when you’re in the IGA parking lot at night

9. A lot of your shopping is done at JR's Foodmart

10. ALL parties take place on Thursday night and you have missed your 9 am Friday class because you got home at 6

11. Dandy Don's and THE BAKERY...nough said

12. You go home almost EVERY weekend

13. You hate dealing with all the red tape and hassle of housing

14. OOZEBAL, you know it, you love it

15. If you wanna go play pool or ping pong at the SUB you know there will be a 30 minute wait

16. You know half the Talent Show will consist of Stomping

17. Green Roof, The House, North Hills, Klondike and Yellow Creek are the places to be

18. You always complain but continue to eat at the cafe

19. You KNOW what the cafe serves on Wednesday

20. You have written your name on the Catwalk

21. You know better than to sit on the couch at Smitty's

22. You tell someone a secret and the next day everyone knows about it

23. You Know Flowers

24. You Drink

25. Alabama was just too expensive

26. You wear more Alabama or Auburn stuff than you do UWA

27. The Monkey and The Oaktree

28. You ask your self on a regular basis "What the hell are the sculptures supposed to be"

29. You have understood every thing you just read


Even More Proof That You Go to UWA:

things that were left off the 1st list--

1. You Add to this Group

2. if you know at least one person who has seen a "ghost" on campus...in the library, haunted bridge, etc.

3. you're not scared when the cops show up because you know all they wanna do is say hey

4. you can remember the parties at the Delta Chi house and miss the Indian Parties there

5. You've gone here for a long time and still arnt 100% sure if you call it Lake LU or L.U.

6. when theres a band/dj party you go for about 15 minutes and then go to the real party off campus

7. you agree with the following statement: "parking at Reed sucks"

8. For at least half your time here you have heard about all these NEW IMPROVEMENTS, like dorms, facilities, baskestball arenas, etc...and they still HAVE NOT been BUILT.

9. you come back every summer for the Orientation Parties cause they are always the best of the year

10. you go to U-dub when your advisor now is someone you started college with 7 years ago

11. if you want a snack after 10:00 you have to drive to the interstate

12. you still cant understand how you are the only one ordering at Burger King and it still takes 10 minutes to get your food.

13. your name is on the tunnel of love or the painted bridge

14. Playin the sign game

15.You go to the cafe and you can recognize the chicken,turkey,shrimp or beef but you're still left wondering where and whats the "ALA KING"

16. Your just waiting to get stuck for good in the elevator at Stickney

17. You know theres probably even less to up here in good ol livingston in the summer but you take summer courses anyway


18. People ask you wheres the best place to party in Livingston and your answer is Tuscaloosa

19. You understand the following:
A car being chased by the cops loses control at a red light, keeps going slams into a column at Eddy's BBQ then crashes into Bill's Dollar store and burns it to the ground

20. Your Reminded of this ever time your heading to demopolis because the melted building hasnt been touched

21. You remember the Sigma Pi house

22. You get excited when you hear that there MIGHT be a McDonalds built at the interstate

23. You remember Smitty's

24. "Right" Dr.Joo Lee

25. Theres STILL just something about this place...

2009 LIST

1. you know you went to LU when you can shoot a deer off the baseball field

2. you dont understand how the BBQ joint could close.....

So, I miss Livingston sometimes. I really miss the bakery. No, I never sat on the couch at Smittys. I miss the Sigma Pi house and Oozeball.

Oh and my Name and Scroll number are both on the tunnel of love and the painted bridge. I never could make it across the catwalk. It was to scary!

Things that made me smile today!

Apparently, I'm last to the task as always. Today is a tough day to think of things that made me smile. My day started with David pouring Cheerios and milk on the floor. The day kept getting worse. I guess it is a good task though to pick the things that make you smile on a day when nothing went right.

So, things that made me smile today.

1. David reading over my shoulder while I'm posting this blog. He keeps making fun of my spelling. Thank goodness for spell check.

2. Diet Coke. Enough said.

3. Seeing David come out of his building after work today. I was really ready to go home and he didn't make me wait to long.

4. Seeing the left over spaghetti in the fridge when I got home. I didn't need to cook!

5. Daisy curled up at the end of the couch. She is such a sweet dog!

6. Baking a cake tonight. It is a diet sprite cake this time. Low points. Smile.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where did all the snow go?


More Snow!

I tried to build a snow man, but it didn't work out so well. I took a picture of the neighbors!

Watch the video's too...