Piper Leigh

Piper Leigh

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I stole Ashley's blog!

Okay, so I stole this off of my cousin's blog. I thought it was really moving, and wanted to share it as well.

Pam knows about the pain of considering abortion.More than 21 years ago, she and her husband, Bob, were serving as missionaries to the Philippines and praying for a fifth child. Pam contracted amoebic dysentery, an infection of the intestine caused by a parasite found in a contaminated food or drink. She entered into a coma and was treated with strong antibiotics before they discovered she was pregnant. Doctors urged her to abort the baby for her own safety and told her that the medicines had caused irreversible damage to her baby. She refused the abortion and cited her Christian faith as the reason for her hope that her son would be born without the devastating disabilities physicians predicted.The doctors "didn't think of it as a life, they thought of it as amass of fetal tissue," Pam said.While pregnant, Pam nearly lost their baby four times but refused to consider abortion. She recalled making a pledge to God with her husband, "If you will give us a son, we'll name him 'Timothy,' and we'll make him a preacher."Pam ultimately spent the last two months of her pregnancy in bed and,eventually, gave birth to a health baby boy August 14, 1987.Pam's youngest son is indeed a preacher. He preaches in prisons, makes hospital visits, and serves with his father's ministry in the Philippines.He also plays football. Pam's son is Tim Tebow.

Monday, January 26, 2009

I should have known....

I woke up bright and early this morning. This does not happen often, but since my house is clean, I woke up in a good mood. I did not even hit the snooze button. So, anyway I hopped out of bed and turned on the Wii to work out this morning. As I was finishing up my work out, (hula-hooping) the power went out mid-hoop. This is the part where I should have said that it just is not going to be a good day. But no, I wasn't going to let this spoil my good mood.

So, after a minute or two the power comes back on. Thank goodness! I pop David some pop tarts, make him some tea, and grab me a yogurt for breakfast. Yes, I fix David breakfast in bed every morning, even if it is just pop tarts. I take this all up stairs, and of course the bedroom door is shut. I finally get the door open and sit David's breakfast next to him. After I got out of the tub, I realize he is still asleep and has not eaten his pop tarts. So, I try to hand him his tea, but instead, I pour it all over his head. This is not the way he wanted to be woken up, trust me. It is however the price he has to pay for eating breakfast in bed.

So, then it was off to work. I was still thinking it was going to be a good day. As David would say, that is just silly. I went to Belk today at lunch because I had heard that Clinique is in bonus. Nope, that would be starting on February 3rd. Oh well, at least I did not miss bonus time completely. In the parking lot a the mall, I almost hit a car.

Back at work, I spend a half hour on the phone with an agent, and then another half hour on the phone with the MS DOI. The MS DOI just ended up telling me that I would have to pose my question to the legal department in writing. So, again no help there. I ended up leaving work with a bad head ache, and no longer in my happy mood.

My day seems to have gotten better since I got home. Maybe tomorrow will go better!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

It has been a busy day!

Daisy woke us up bright and early today! She told us it was time to get up and take her to potty. So, I got up and walked her. We have been trying a new approach with her and it seems to be okay for now. When we take her out to potty, we have just been letting her roam free in the yard. She seems to be doing good with this, and is surprisingly staying in our yard. I would never have believed she could be so good!

See, look, there is no leash.

So, anyway, after walking her David and I got to work. I removed the "cross thingys" from the windows and washed the windows. I hated the cross thingys because they keep falling out, so I decided to remove them all. I also washed the windows inside and out.

While I did this, David trimmed our hedges, changed the air filter in our car, and cooked us lunch.

So, now that chores are finished, we are going to be lazy!

All Fired Up!

Last night I went out with Lori and some of her friends. We try to have a "girls night" at least once a month. We usually go out to dinner, a movie, or whatever else there is to do in this town. So last night we went to a place called All Fired Up. You go to this shop and pick out a piece of ceramics then paint it. They then fire your ceramics for you and you come back and pick it up in about a week. It really was a lot of fun. I really miss doing art projects. I hope I can find time to do things like this more often. Then after we left, we went to dinner. It was a fun night!

Lazy Animals..

So yesterday, I cleaned house most of the day. I love to clean on Saturdays. It gets me prepared for the week ahead. David thinks I'm a little crazy, but if I don't get the house cleaned on the weekend, it really messes up my week. Since our house is clean now. I predict that it is going to be a great week.

Anyway, while I was cleaning yesterday, I noticed that our animals are spoiled rotten and just lazy. Here are some pictures for proof....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Whew....It was a long MLK weekend!

So, I had this past Friday off, but David had to work. I got up early and took him to work. Then, went to pick up some things at Target, and back home to clean all day. I did a good job too! It was a lot of hard work. About 8 o'clock on Friday night, Steve, Christy, Aubrey, and Jamie showed up to spend the weekend with us.

Here is a picture of Aubrey's bed for the weekend. David was not to happy to have his "man cave" invaded by princesses.

Friday night, Steve, David and I stayed up early to work on the "puzzle", and we were all back up early on Saturday to prepare for the "Wilkerson Christmas".

It was lots of fun. I was so happy to see everyone. Not everyone was able to come, and even though we missed them, we still had fun! Here are some pictures from Christmas.

As you can see, there was lots of fun.

After everyone left, Chrisy's BFF from high school, Susanne came to spend the night. They looked at facebook pages while David, Steve and I finished the "puzzle".

On Sunday, we got up and went to pick up some ribs from Dreamland. Dad, Tami, Tyler, and Todd came up for a visit. (I beat Dad in Wii boxing!) Aubrey entertained Tyler and Todd with her "pooping" dog on her leapster.

After lunch, they all left with Aubrey in tow. Aubrey is going to be on her tour of Alabama for a couple of weeks. Christy and I went on an diet coke run and picked up some movies to watch.

Then, this morning David had to work and Christy, Steve, and Jamie headed home. The house was so quiet! I didn't know what to do....

So, I spent the day putting up my Christmas trees. Christmas is officially over...

Oh, here are some cute picks of Jamie in Daisy's food.

I also wanted to say Thank You to the Stephen's family. The bought David and me a card table for a house warming present. We used it on Sunday. It will come in very handy! Thank you soooooo much.

And either Katie or Jill left the pacifier to one of their baby dolls at our house. Let me know who it belongs to and I will pop it in the mail!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I don't like January!

This month has been crazy! Month end times 12! It has been really hard for me at work this month, and I am super behind. By the time I get home, I don't want to think any more. This is why there haven't been many posts. Hopefully I will get caught up soon!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

Okay. So, I realize that I am a little late on the New Year thing! David and I have been a little busy. We went to Crystal and Charlies on New Years! It was a blast.

Then, David's sister Christy, her husband, and three children came to spent Thursday night. We went to Dreamland's and at dinner. I think they had fun, but they might have had a better time if the our neighbors had been in town. Our neighbors left town but decided to leave the teenage son at home. He and his "friends" kept us all up all night long. Not FUN! (Somehow, I now feel sorry for Jessica's neighbors.)

And now for what has been keeping us so busy this weekend!

The Puzzle!

It is 2000 pieces and quite difficult!

And the Wii!

This was our Christmas Present to ourselves. We love it. However, I have discovered that you can not bowl to much. You will get "Bowling arm". This is very painful and you can't move your arm.

This is David skiing.