Piper Leigh

Piper Leigh

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I love Christmas!

David and I have had a great weekend although it has been really busy. I got up Saturday morning and met Lori at the WW (down point 6). Then, Lori and I headed to the mall to go shopping. David stayed a home to clean the house. Yes, I know he is a great husband! I actually finished getting all our Christmas. It feels great to have that done.

When, I came home my Dad and his new girlfriend, Tami, showed up. They took us to Kozy's to eat dinner. It was great. Dad also brought me a new Christmas Tree when he came up. So, of course we had to go to Target after dinner to get more ornaments. I have tried hard but did not have enough ornaments for two trees. Now, I think I have enough ornaments for three trees.

Here is a picture of the new tree. Isn't it fun!

Then today, I decided that we needed to rake the yard. David, of course, thought I was crazy, and he is right. There are so many leaves in our yard that I quickly figured out why I hate to rake. Here are a few pictures from before I decided that I was done, and would not be raking the yard again.

So, now it is time for me to finish my Christmas cards. They really need to be in the mail in the morning, but I am pretty sure that won't be happening.

Tonight we are having "Upside Down Pizza" thanks to my Mom!

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