Piper Leigh

Piper Leigh

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Busy Days!

Mom and Harry came to visit yesterday. Spunky could not wait for them to get here. He just sat at the door and waited for them to show up!

When they finally showed up, we ate a big lunch. Then Harry hung some pictures for us.

Then we headed to Lowes. David stayed at the house and cut the grass for me! At Lowes we picked up a tomato plant, bell pepper plants and a blueberry bush. (This is all we could do this year. Hopefully next year we can plant a garden. I guess the test will be if I can keep these few plants alive this year!)

When we got back we planted my plants and then Mom and Harry headed back to Thomasville. David and I were kind of lazy after they left.

I woke up this morining and picked up the bottom floor of our house and then headed out side to get some work done before it rained. (I know we should have gone to church. We still need to find a church. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we can find one.) Anyway, we were able to get a lot of yard work done before the rain started. Our back yard is actually starting to look good. David counted and we bagged up 27 bags of leaves, pine straw, and limbs from the back yard!

I think the trash people are going to be mad at me on Wednesday! There is still a lot of work to be done, but I think we are on the down hill side now.

Now since it is raining, David is downstairs watching Bonanza. I know, Bonanza right? I'm upstairs in the bed of course playing on the computer and watching Jon and Kate Plus 8. I've been watching this show a lot lately. I just read Multiple Blessings that Kate wrote and I loved it, so I've started watching the show. David hates it. He calls the show "Screaming Kids".

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Anonymous said...

We really enjoyed our visit Saturday. So glad Spunky decided that he doesn't have to run and hide when we arrive! By the way, hanging tomatoes are ordered. We'll see if they arrive.


Mom & Harry