Piper Leigh

Piper Leigh

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It is Official....I'm Getting Old

Today was a first for me. I had to go to the eye doctor. I have managed to put this off for 27 years, but David finally put his foot down. He was tired of fearing for his life every time he got in the car with me.

I have trouble reading road signs and seeing the guide on the TV. No big deal, but David said I had to go.

I made it through my first eye appointment. It was okay, but I don't ever plan on going back again. I did not like the stuff the put in your eyes. Plus this eye doctor cheated. She put that stuff in my eyes to make every thing blurry. Then, she told me to go pick out my glasses. This office has figured out that with that stuff in your eyes, you can't see the price in micro print on the price tag. Yeah, I didn't like that at all!

So, it is official. I am old. I have been to the eye doctor!

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Anonymous said...

I assure you it gets worse!

Hang in there ....

Love you.