Piper Leigh

Piper Leigh

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wedding....Sorority Style!

Today I had to go to a wedding. It was for my sorority sister, Betsy Jacobs-well, Porter now! It was a fun day. Check out the picture above. Betsy is in the middle, of course, along with all the sisters that showed up. Before taking a sorority picture, someone usually announces "Sorority Pose". This is the pose above. I just always think that this is funny!

Here are some more pictures from Betsy's wedding today!

I also have a funny story about the way home from the wedding. I rode with another one of my sisters named Erika. I dropped her off at the Gallariea and headed back to Tuscaloosa. I happened to find a radio station on the way home that was only playing Christmas Music. My sister and I have always loved Christmas Music, so I was listening and singing really loudly, when the car next to me started to honk the horn. It was Arianne Crow. She had also attended the wedding. It was just really funny at the time! She busted me singing!

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Anonymous said...

I am thinking about hosting a Tupperware party. If it is big enough I can have it at the church in the Fellowship Hall. If I do end up hosting one it will be a few months atleast. I will let you know in advance if I book one and then maybe you can come down and attend! They have really neat stuff!