Piper Leigh

Piper Leigh

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Great Weekend!

David and I had a great weekend. I went to Prattville Friday night to visit some friends. David was not to happy about my trip. It was my first trip without him since we got married in August of 2007. He was so cute though he showed me where the flash light was in the car in case I needed it and he kept calling to check on me. He even cleaned up the house while I was gone. He is the greatest!

My trip was lots of fun! I went to stay with Tara and Kristi. (Two of my sorority sisters.) They had a pampered chef party on Friday night. (I know, I am going to be "Pampered Chefed Out" soon.) Then we went shopping on Saturday. They also took me to down town Prattville. The pictures below are from down town Prattville.

David and I have been bums today. He cleaned yesterday so that I could be a bum with him today. We did get caught up on our Netfilx. FINALLY!

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