Piper Leigh

Piper Leigh

Monday, November 3, 2008

Kitty: Impossible

David's cat is impossible. This is what I come home to on most days:

All the hair bows and rubber bands that you see are supposed to be in the pink and white make-up bag. Most days while we are at work, the cat will open the drawer, unzip the bag with the hair bows and rubber bands, and play all day with my rubber bands. It is driving me nuts. Not only does he open drawers, he can also open the doors in our house. He opened our bed room door five times last night. Five times I woke up with this cat staring me in the face, and five times I threw him out and shut the door in his face. He just won't stop.

Here is a little clip of him trying to unzip my bag:


Steven and Christy said...

We all thought that you clip was cute, here at work. Teresa said, congrats on getting married and your new house...and she really likes spunky. Keep up the blog.

abryant said...

That is hilarious. You should record it and send that to funniest home videos.