Piper Leigh

Piper Leigh

Monday, February 23, 2009

It has started all over again...oh no, it's Monday!

It was a great weekend. I had a Pampered Chef party on Friday night, so David slipped out of the house and went to stay with Joey in Grove Hill. Tara and Kristi came to spend the weekend with me so that they could attend my Pampered Chef Party.

The Pampered Chef party was lots of fun. I actually had a lot of people show up! I was pleasantly surprised. (Thanks to all who came! And those who just ordered!) You helped David and I stock our kitchen with super stuff, and my sister says that I really need a lot of stuff in my kitchen. After the party, Lori, Angela, Kelly, Amanda, Tara, Kristi and I all went to to Jalapeno's to eat dinner. It was fun hanging out with the "girls".

After dinner we came home and went to bed. I was pooped! David did call me Friday night to let me know that he made it to Grove Hill. He is learning.

Saturday morning, we got up and laid around most of the morning. Then we went to find to see if we could find Kristi a pair of new tennis shoes. She could not find any, but I managed to find a pair of Ryka's and David some new T-Shirts. I don't know how I ended up being the only one to spend money.

We then went to my new favorite place. All Fired Up! We all made bowls. Tara and Kristi both made bowls for their moms for mother's day. Sorry Mom, I was selfish and made a bowl for myself.

Then we went to dinner, and came home! Meantime, David and Joey apparently snuck off to Mobile to go to Mardi Gras. He is in trouble.

He is even more in trouble because he did not show up at home until 9:30 last night. He got a stern talking too. I just don't like him driving those back roads at night by himself. I know he is an adult, but I still don't like it.

So, anyway our week has started over again and it is Monday! Yuck! Well it went okay, but why couldn't it be Friday?

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Anonymous said...

Hey so the next time we come up there I want to go to that "All Fired Up" place. Wayde will think its cheesy but I think it looks like fun!! -Daniela