Piper Leigh

Piper Leigh

Sunday, February 8, 2009

This Weekend.

So, Friday night David and I went to Wings for Dinner. We went to eat with Crystal and her friends since it was her birthday.

Yep, that's Crystal. February 3rd was her 25th birthday. So, on Friday, we met her and a lot of her friends at Wings for dinner.

On Saturday morning, I went to Weight Watchers, WW or dub-dub as I call it. Here is a picture of where I go for my dub-dub meetings.

I was down .8 pounds, but I'm still up right now. Hopefully, I can keep pulling the weight off. At the meeting they talked about these bagels called The Alternative Bagels. They only one point. So of course, I had to stop and pick some up on the way home. They are yummie.

When I got back from the dub-dub, David and I headed to Thomasville. I wanted to go check on Dad since he had surgery on Thursday. Joey meet us at Dad's house and Tami had lunch waiting. It was yummie as well.

Then we went to Mom and Harry's to hang out for a while.

After we left mom's we headed back to Dad's to say good-bye and got on the road headed home.

David and I woke up this morning both feeling lazy. I haven't gotten anything accomplished today. I need to clean and wash clothes, but I think I'm about to watch Fireproof with David.

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Anonymous said...

We went to Wings (in Daphne) for dinner Fri. night also. Thats funny!! Daniela