Piper Leigh

Piper Leigh

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Catch up!

Wow! So, I am behind on posting and now I am having to play catch up, so here are a few posts in one!

Happy Valentines Day!

So, on Saturday I hoped out of bed early and headed straight to the WW. (It did not go well. I need new motivation badly.) Then, I went straight to Wal-Mart. Yes, I have said many times that I don't "do" Wal-Mart. I think this last trip was enough to keep me out. I HATE Wal-Mart. I went in hopes that I would save money, which I did, but it was not worth it. Anyway, I went to to pick up stuff to cook a wonderful dinner for David.

I made a salad, cooked potatoes and rolls, and David grilled steaks and some veggies on the grill. I also made a diet coke cake. (Chocolate cake mix, add diet coke and cook. I don't know how it works, but it does. Top it with fat free whip cream and you have a yummy low point desert!) I even got out our wedding china for us to eat off of. I start to eat, but begin to feel nausious. I tell David. He says "Yeah, me too. But I didn't want to hurt your feelings." Neither of us could eat. I packed up the dinner and put it in the fridge. We sat down watched T.V. for the rest of the night. We found a new T.V show called Speeders Fight Back on the TruTV channell. It is the funniest show.

So, Valentines was a bust, but David did get me the seventh and eighth season of Charmed, my favorite TV show. I now own all the seasons!

My Poor Flower Beds!

While Christy was here last month, she told me that my flower beds look bad. I need to work on them. So, Sunday afternoon I went and bought a shovel and a hoe, and got to work. David was not to happy because he knew I was about to make a mess, and he was right. I pulled everything up, including two shrubs that got in the way! My poor flower beds are so bare, but they do look better. I need to get some flowers soon.

Monday and Tuesday!

Monday and Tuesday have flown by without any big events. We've gone to work and came home. I need to clean, but other than that, not much is going on!

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