Piper Leigh

Piper Leigh

Monday, February 9, 2009


So, yesterday David was not feeling good. I've had a cold since last week that has not gone away. See he was sick.

David continued to get worse through the night. I decided that he needed to go to the doctor first thing this morning, and while we were there that I would see the doctor as well.

We went to "Emergi Care" or the doc-in-the box as Christy calls it.

Dr. Bobo came in and told us that I had Strepp and David has Strepp and the flu. We each had to get two shots in the rear. He put us both on medicine for Streep and Flu. He says eventhough I've had the Flu Shot (Thank you SNIC) that I will still probably end up with it. After we left, we headed to Target to get perscriptions.

It cost us $173 dollars for all of our prescriptions. Is that not crazy!

Anyway we are at home now. Me until Wednesday and David until Thursday. We are watching Unsolved Mysteries and just chilling out in the bed.

Hopefully we won't be sick to much longer.

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